Thank you for the wonderful job Absolute Homes has done on the construction of our latest duplexes, the fourth property that we have built with Absolute Homes in Gladstone.  As always, the duplexes are looking fantastic and are of the very highest standard and as such it will be very easy to attract good tenants to rent them.

It has always been an enjoyable experience working with Absolute Homes and as usual this project was completed without any major stress for us. A lot of this was due to your excellent communications and efficient way you managed the project.   One of the things that we appreciated about having Absolute Homes constructing our properties has been the experienced team and the fact that, when on the odd occasion, an issue arose, you always advised us in a timely manner and always presented us with solutions that resolved any issues quickly and effectively.

Again, thank you and it is a given that any future properties we build in Gladstone will be constructed by Absolute Homes.

Geoff & Gudrun Oliver