I would just like to say how impressed I am with the responses and attention to customer service I’ve received through dealing with you over the last two builds and the care and attention to fine detail and the loose ends that you have helped me through. Being a remote plumber and heavily involved in the mining industry I can only say that if a lot of the people up here had the same ethic and attention to providing a service then there would never be a headache.

You have my utmost respect and look forward to a very long term relationship building with you in the future. Never even having been to Gladstone and to do all of this via email has me looking at moving ahead with future builds with Absolute Homes. I would like to give some serious commendations to the team at Absolute Homes for consistently providing such quality products, reassurance in this game is something you can hardly take faith in these days as the industry gets more disposable with products and more get in get out mentalities, but from dealing with REAL people and a company that stands for something as an Australian tradesman makes me proud and confident to be involved and work in the industry they too share the same outlook in … quality and reassurance…….

Ian Barrow, WA