Absolute Homes

Absolute Homes has been building homes for Gladstone families since 1995. That is when John and Freya relocated from Brisbane with their young family to start the local house Construction Company. John has been a Master Builder since 1977. John is also a member of the QLD Institute of Building Consultants and holds accreditation for the Green Living Program. John’s previous building experience is broad including project manager for a multi national construction company over seeing multi million dollar commercial projects.

Absolute Homes have built over 500 homes in Gladstone and surrounding areas. John and Freya have treated each house as someone’s home. Even an investment property will ultimately be a home to a local family.

In 2011 the local builder influence got even stronger with John and Freya’s son Dan completing his apprenticeship as a carpenter with Absolute Homes. We look forward to Dan being an integral part of this local family business.


Absolute Quality

John’s fastidious attention to detail has been known to drive a few contractors to despair (or the bar). The office motto is “would you accept this in your own home”. Absolute Homes pride themselves in employing a loyal team of local contractors and suppliers. The term “local” being the key to reliable quality.

Absolute Hassle Free

John and Freya strive to build a relationship of clear communication with their clients. We want clients to get the house right the first time, so we promote honest negotiation about colours, about budgets and expectations. Absolute Homes wants the building process to be a smooth, no problem experience for our client. Happy Client, Happy Builder, Happy Home.

Absolute Affordability

Since 1995 Absolute Homes have been building affordable homes. The quality of “Standard Inclusions” makes Absolute Homes the reliable builder for the term “no hidden extras”. Every home needs a driveway, it is included, a TV Antenna, a clothesline, a letterbox, these things are all included. They might be small but it’s the fine detail of our “Standard Inclusions” that makes Absolute Homes stand apart from their competitors.

Absolute Reliability

You can rely on the contract price. You can rely on the construction team communication, you can rely on the local contractors and suppliers, you can rely on Absolute Homes to create the place to put your head at night, a place to park your car, a place to sit with family or friends. Every house is someone’s home. You can rely on Absolute Homes, on time & on budget.

Absolute Full Building Process

Can’t find that block of land, let us help. Can’t find suitable finance, let us help. Let us help you design the perfect home for your family and your budget. We will listen to you. We will respond to you with respect and care for the home you are trying to build. Absolute Homes will help you with the design process, from colour to landscaping and everything in between, including suggestions for adding the latest market trends. We are also experts in eco and sustainable home design, so you can do your part in minimising climate change. The building process will always start with a site meeting to best optimise the use of your land & the positioning of your new home.

Absolute Homes will help you design the most affordable luxury available in designer homes. You can even bring us your design.

Absolutely Fabulous

  • Member of Queensland Master Builders Association.
  • Member of Housing Industry Australia
  • Member of Institute of Building Consultants
  • A Green Living Builder
  • Absolute Homes is a multi award winning Building Company with TWO state awards.
  • Absolute Homes has constructed over 500 house contracts in Gladstone, 500 people can’t be wrong.

The level of repeat business is a testament in itself to the quality success story of Absolute Homes.